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I have set up this blog to record how Andy (my husband) and I talk about and discuss ways we can help Jamie, my autistic son. Jamie is very severely autistic, with accompanying profound learning difficulties and epilepsy. He does not talk and finds any form of communication very difficult. But he does understand some simple words as long as he has time to process them.

Jamie has very challenging behaviours – he headbangs relentlessly when he is upset and bites his hand. Hi hits his head so hard he has a big egg-shaped lump on his forehead, which makes him look like elephant man. This behaviour could well have caused his epilepsy, I’m sure it doesn’t help at all and we would do anything to help him stop or reduce the amount of times he bangs his head.

Through our musings, I hope that one day  Andy and I will find a way to help Jamie, we find that talking about why Jamie behaves as he does helps us to understand him more – perhaps it will help others in our situation.

It is heartbreaking watching someone you love hurt themselves and not understand why they do it, or how to help them. I am determined that my efforts will make a difference to Jamie, to help make his life happy – isn’t that what we all wish for our children?

Jan Mather


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