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My name is Jan Mather and I am  the mother of two gorgeous children. My daughter is a professional violonist, who lives and works in London. She is clever, funny, charming, independent and brings much happiness into my life. My son, Jamie, is severely autistic, he too makes me very happy, but also very sad.  He is funny and clever, but in such a different way to his sister. Jamie has no speech, he finds life a huge challenge. Our social and vibrant world is a total mystery to him, the reason why we do things is so different to the reasons why he does things that we could be different species. And yet I know this person has as much right as anyone to live on this planet and we have much to learn from him and people like him.

My blog is all about Jamie and how we try to understand him better. I am a neurospychologist, my work is teaching people about brain structure and function and how brain abnormality causes different behaviours in people. I do wonder why, with my knowledge and expertise in this field I cannot help my own child more, and I am determined to find a way to make Jamie’s life better for him, so that he can be happy and settled. 

Jan Mather



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